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Now you can get high-quality fresch-cut flowers directly from our farms in South America to your doorstep!

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We are a high-end wholesale flower boutique…

We have more than fifteen years of expertise from farming, exporting, importing and distributing Nation-wide to USA.

We ship door to door our products, overseas, yes! that means all our products are fresh.

In Meraki we work based on truth, honesty, loyalty. These values are very important for us! And serve you with honor is our purpose!

All our prices include shipping fees!

Our flowers and us still be part of mother nature and suddenly any situation might come up out of our control, but, fortunately, thanks to our more than 15 years of expertise in the floral industry, we work dedicated to offer you a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
Our main purpose is to offer you a reliable purchasing experience.

Wedding flowers

How it works

Make the order by email, chat, WhatsApp, shopping cart … We suggest a deadline to place the order for 8 days before you want to send flowers to your door. Please keep in mind to order a minimum of 2 pieces per shipping address.

Day 1

Flowers leave from our farms: fresh, beautiful and strong to hold up the international trip!

Day 2-4

Flowers are traveling…you can track your order while it’s on the go…

Day 3-5

Flowers will arrive to your doorstep!
hydrangeas for weddings, fresh cut flowers

Day 4

Open the boxes! Cut the flowers with love and care, give them water! They will arrive very thirsty!

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hydrangeas for weddings, fresh cut flowers
hydrangeas for weddings, fresh cut flowers