Frecuency Asked Questions

 Depending on variety and the size of the bloom, length of the stem…  you can see details on the shopping cart.

Unpack gently.
Cut 3 inches per stem
Get clean vases.
Mix water with flower food.

Direction isn’t really an issue, the 3 inches minimum is very important to guarantee life cells that will absorb the water and keep your flowers fresh!

As much that will cover 20 cms of the stems and will not touch lives.

It will feed your flowers while in vase! Will guarantee the long lasting vase life! You can use the flower food that comes along with our flowers!

Around 3-4 days, and if you also cut the stems again flowers will lost conger!
 We make possible your desire to have flowers at your spot every day! Either your office, work, home. We enjoy working with our heart and our soul to offer you the best purchasing experience that is Meraki!

Not only a special event is necessary to enjoy the beauty of flowers! 
We help you make your life special everyday allowing you to have our flowers at exceptional prices.
We assist you on how to handle your flowers at home to get the most beauty of them and a long lasting vase life.

Meraki is  a direct flower distributor from Colombian Farms, you get your flowers in 5 days to your doorstep, all fresh from our farm’s door.

We sell the most special varieties available year round.. David Austin – Wabara – Garden Rose – Hydrangeas – Barbatus – Ranunculus

While you enjoy our beautiful flowers you will support our social project Happy People. Helping Kids from Colombia, South America in their education and growth process.