100% Quality Guarantee

Not satisfied? We offer a money return guarantee. Customer is entitled to request refunds pursuant to the Money Back Guarantee Policy provisions of Meraki Flowers. Meraki Flowers is responsible for the quality of flowers that you receive. It is very important to follow the instructions at Flower Care & Preparation guide, where pictures and descriptions explain what to expect, and how to prep, hydrate and bloom your flowers.
Depending on the type of flowers you order, there can be a substantial visible difference in the appearance of the flowers after they have time to hydrate and bloom.
Meraki Flowers has shipped thousands of boxes of flowers and experienced very few genuine quality issues. For this reason, we are proud to offer this 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee.
Please read the complete details and terms of our 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee.
To qualify for this guarantee, you must agree to our delivery date suggestions. After placing your order, the customer service team will contact you by phone and email to let you know of the requested change, if the change is not approved, then that portion of your order will no longer qualify for the quality guarantee. For example, we may suggest Thursday instead of Friday to allow more time for the flowers to bloom.
The 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee pertains to the general quality and freshness of the flower shipment as a whole. Meraki Flowers guarantees that flowers will be delivered fresh-cut, and ready for preparation and hydration in freshwater. All flowers require hydration after shipping, and we request that all customers immediately and carefully prep the flowers, and let them hydrate for 2 hours.
Flowers are a natural product and therefore demonstrate some uniqueness, including spots and variations in color. For this reasons, our 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee does not include the natural variations and imperfections that occur. Meraki Flowers does not guarantee that every stem will be the same and free of imperfections. There may be a few stems that you do not include in your arrangements to create a more consistent display. This is part of the preparation and design process. As you prep your flowers, and trim away the leaves, stems and extra greenery, you will probably toss out a few stems as part of this process. This is what florist do.
It is the customer’s responsibility to properly care for flowers. Meraki Flowers is not liable for products mishandled by clients. Each Box comes with a care and handling card that explains in detail how to care for flowers, and customers must be knowledgeable on flower care.
Meraki Flowers recommends that our customers, or a representative, be present for delivery. A signature may or may not be required at the time of delivery. Meraki Flowers is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, damage to the products as a result of being left in inclement weather, FedEx delays, delays as a result of Customs and Agricultural inspections, or other natural acts.